Соединяем города и страны: Бизнес - Культура - Спорт!
Connecting cities and countries: Business - Culture - Sports!
We will bring your business to the international market of Russia and India. We will not only help you scale your project, but also start from scratch.
Exporting and importing is easy!
  • lower prices for raw
  • materials cheap labor
  • large-scale production
Cooperation with India is:
What is foreign economic activity and what are its features
Foreign economic activity (FEA) is the activity of government agencies, private organizations and individuals associated with entering the world market.
For business, this is an opportunity to expand the market for goods or raw materials by selling them abroad. Or, on the contrary, the opportunity to expand its range at the expense of goods, raw materials, equipment purchased abroad.
Types of foreign economic activity
Basically, foreign economic activity is:
  • export — export of goods from Russia abroad;
  • import — import of goods to Russia from abroad.
A company or sole proprietor can simultaneously engage in both import and export. For example, to produce and sell meat products to other countries, and import equipment for production from abroad.

Foreign economic activity
Foreign trade consulting is the process of providing comprehensive advice to sellers, buyers and manufacturers on issues related to the purchase of goods abroad, as well as their customs clearance, transportation and other operations.

Consulting of foreign economic activity

Consulting of foreign economic activity audit and optimization of previously developed or planning of a new model of conducting foreign economic activity;
  • consulting support of import and export operations at any stage;
  • assistance in the development of foreign trade contracts, as well as other necessary documents;
  • consulting on international law;
  • solving issues of currency regulation;
  • search for new sales markets and foreign partners, as well as checking their reliability;
  • advising on customs clearance of goods of any categories;
  • informational assistance in the development of the most optimal logistics schemes both on foreign territory and within the country;
  • providing information about the specifics of doing business in the partner country, etc.

Foreign economic activity (FEA) provides for the solution of tasks of increased complexity affecting various aspects of doing business in an international format. Not every company in Vladivostok can afford a staff of appropriately qualified employees, but obtaining the consulting assistance of third-party specialists gives a chance to significantly optimize the work of the enterprise.
provides consulting services for clients who do not have sufficient experience and their own specialists in the field of international cooperation or who are planning one-time export-import events. We offer the following:
Many foreign investors make their choice in favor of India!
Entrepreneurship in India is developing rapidly, attracting investment, increasing the production capacity of enterprises. In recent years, India has expanded its economic structure in favor of new consumer segments, increased production and a variety of goods.

business idea
To join the Indian market means to enter into mutually beneficial cooperation with new partners, to realize tasks and challenges in your own business!
Indian manufacturers are profitable business partners with whom it is realistic to agree on the supply of goods to Russia.
Our company will provide services to support your business in India at all stages of the process from negotiating to receiving a finished product with your brand.

India will provide you with new business opportunities, immersion in the business environment, replenishment of the contact base, search for foreign partners and maintaining existing business ties.
The presence of a multi-million sufficiently qualified and relatively cheap labor force also turns out to be attractive.
We are happy to help you with the organization of production in India and the supply of related products!
signing the contract
start of production
production of finished products
how does it work?

Актуальные предложения

Tea from Indian suppliers

From Indian suppliers
According to the terms of FOB

250 rub/kg

Woolen blanket "Army"

GOST production of India
from 52% wool

Rice from Indian suppliers

From Indian suppliers
According to the terms of FOB

30,000 rubles/ton

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